Dave Seaman - Selador Sessions RTB6

23 february 2020
662 plays

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Dave returns with more of the good stuff!
1. To Ricciardi & Notsoquietsound ‘Naked’ (Frankey & Sandrino) [Sururu]
2. Evans ‘The Art Of Noise’ [Bedrock]
3. Adriatique ‘Nude’ (Rampa) [Afterlife]
4. TSOS feat. Nontu X ‘Umlilo’ (Klement Bonelli) [Selador]
5. Moonwalk feat. Elenora ‘Ikarus’ [Blaufield]
6. Fairmont ‘Plastic Head TV’ [Diynamic]
7. Doctor Dru & M.E.M.O. ‘Junar’ [Mobilee]
8. Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan ‘Rumours’ (EdOne) [Motek]
9. Alican ‘No Such Thing’ [Isolate]
10. Third Son ‘Machine Love’ (Terr) [17 Steps]
11. Olivier Koletzki & Township Rebellion ‘The Arctic Voice’ [Stil Vor Talent]
12. FC Kahuna ‘Hayling’ (Digweed & Muir) [Subtract]

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