#ethno Tebra - Mix For 3000 SoundCloud Followers

24 february 2020
713 plays

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This is a special mix which I made and uploaded as a free download in order to say thanks to all 3000 people who are following my work. In past year I got a huge amount of positive feedback regarding my music and that's what keeps me going and creating more music. Thank you again and I hope you will enjoy this mix as much as I did during recording! :)

1. Tebra - Ritam
2. Tebra - Gora
3. Tebra - Dervish
4. Alvaro Suarez - Passion (Tebra remix)
5. Tebra - Zora
6. Vertex - Welcome to Serbia (Tebra remix)
8. Tebra - Zov
9. Tebra - Raskovnik
10. Tebra - Istok
11. Tebra - Suton