Fleetmac Wood - Robot Heart 10 Year Anniversary - Burning Man 2017

27 december 2017
7463 plays

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Thanks to all the happy faces who stayed up all night or who set their dusty alarm clocks to come and dance with us Wednesday morning. Having been on the other side of the speakers for many a sunrise it was a treasured moment to play this music, which holds a lot of emotions for many of us.

We want to thank Fleetwood Mac for the original magic and Robot Heart for creating the opportunity to crank it loud and proud. The edits and remixes included were created by us (Roxanne Roll and Smooth Sailing) and many of our producer friends who we’d like to thank for their work and passion: Psychemagik, In Flagranti, Antenna Happy, Twin Sun, Dean Kenny, Youth Edits, Cosmic Kids and Trail Mix.

We hope you can feel the warm sunshine and hearts, see the great expanse of desert and feel that all possibilities are open to you when you listen to this mix. These were the wonderful feelings we had while we were playing.

Big Love