GedankenKlang (Berlin/Lissabon) - " Fear " by Timujin

15 january 2018
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Without fear, human could hardly live today and his ancestors could not have done it. Fear warns us and keeps us from taking irresponsible risks. At the same time, it mobilizes forces, whether for defense or for flight. In the course of civilization, the immediate threats to nature have become smaller, especially for the urban people in the industrializations.
In prosperity, however, new fears have arisen: fear of nuclear power, unemployment or genetically modified food. Modern fears have also become a political factor: in the Western world, the green parties of the fears of the environment began to move into the parliaments.

Free of fear

Life is full of fears.
The fear of life, of being alone, of pain, and of dying.
Fears that pile up to a mountain.
I want to be free, free from fear.
I climb the mountain.
At the top, I look down into the valley.
I'm afraid.
Fear of running, fear of spreading my arms like wings, afraid to fly.
I take all the courage together and run,
Spread out my arms and jump down.
I fly - all the fears are gone.
Everything is suddenly so insignificant, so small. A heavenly silence, interrupted by the sound of wind blowing around my body.
The first time free of all fears.
I feel free as a bird.
No fear
No fear of landing
Just free!
(Bernd Hoffmann)

1. What was your first idea about your topic "fear"?

Fear - is something we cannot live without, its one of main driver in our progress and achievements in life!

2. Which track is significant for this feeling in your podcast?

Every track has a lot of character and drama.... and its for a listener to decide...

3. In which kind of situations in life you feel that or do you have an example maybe for us?

The main fear for me is to spend my life unnoticed, not leave anything behind.

4. What do you think its the most important/beautiful thing what music can give People?

Music is like a book, it tells the story that author has created but every reader understands it a bit differently.

5. What was your Intention to make Music?

Music for me is a form of honest conversation with a world.

We say thank you and wish you lots of fun with " Fear "

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