Garage Brothers - Butterfly Dj session night party [House Music podcasts]

6 march 2015
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00-Moe Turk-What You Need(Original Mix)
01-Piemont - Okinawa (Gabriel Ananda Remix)
02-Leave - I Didn't Miss You (Original Mix)
03-Cari Golden, Flex Cop - Dangerous Ft. Cari Golden (Original Mix)
04-Vanilla Ace, L.O.O.P - Nasty Girl (Original Mix)
05-Beatkind - Bangin Sesam (Vanilla Ace Remix)
06-Vintage Culture, Thomaz Krauze - Love Games feat. TKWonder (Original Mix)
07-Gedna - Feel (Luminaire Remix)
08-Jelly For The Babies - In Front of Me (5prite Remix)
09-Yamil, Joao Ribeiro - 4 AM In Vegas (5prite Dirty Remix)
10-Jean Bacarreza - Playboy (Original Mix)
11-Nopopstar feat. Max Vertigo - Stranger (Original Mix)
12-D-Nox Beckers - Appetizer (Dousk Remix)
13-Andre Gazolla - Swing (Original Mix)
14-HimSelfHer - Reflected (Volkoder Remix)
15-La Fleur - Arms Around (C2 Affected Rmx)

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