Satori - DGTL Amsterdam 2018

30 june 2019
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The past 18 months (since the last time I posted my Fusion recording) have been truly memorable for me, with many unforgettable experiences all over the world, new places, new friends and above all some amazing support along the way. I am grateful to have this opportunity to travel around the world to stages where I can expose my music.

One of the key moments came back on April 1st when I closed DGTL Amsterdam’s Frequency Stage. I was exhilarated throughout, and I felt that I achieved a very strong connection with the people that were there that day. So much, so that I decided to go back to my studio to record the set again, so that I could share it with everyone once more here. Thank you to everyone that let this set come alive. This is for you.. X Djordje