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2 july 2019
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art:cast special by Rey&Kjavik

One might not expect that multi-talented artist Rey&Kjavik is originally from the Rhine-Main-area hence his chosen DJ- and producer-moniker and also because of his eclectic musical approach. But matter of fact Rey&Kjavik is one of the few artists that represents the once so blooming region in the middle of Germany, whilst 'blooming' is to be understood in regards to the current development in the electronic music scene its subcultural life in the Rhine-Main-area. Unfazed by the aforementioned the artist just released his second long-player, 'Mountiri', on his own label RKJVK, which depicts two topics the artist wants to emphasize: a holistic musical approach combined with cultural diversity - just like Rey&Kjavik's hometown, just like Rey&Kjavik's life as a touring DJ. Shortly before the release of 'Mountiri' Torture the Artist caught up with the artist to gather some more insights to the album release, the local subculture and much more. Additionally enjoy a very special mix by the artist while diving deep into the interview.

Read the full interview with Rey&Kjavik here:…iew-reykjavik/

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