#ethno Tebra - Wild Sixty Five

18 february 2020
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Tebra a.k.a. Milojko Jaric was born on the 7th of June, 1985. The idea for the Tebra project came after years of producing different electronic music genres.

Soon after starts the big and active work on music making and production inspired by Balkan ethnic music and world music in general. Many tracks are compiled, production gets better and better and after a couple of years of hard work he finally finds the sound that will become his main occupation in the upcoming period.
In the autumn of 2017 Ritual records released two Tebra tracks as part of his first E.P. named “Suton”. That release gathered the attention of wide audience and soon after another track (Istok) got released under 8Cell Records (sub label of Tesseract Studio)
After the initial releases, Tebra`s music got increasingly exposed, many offers from the various record labels and invitations for Live Set and DJ performances started to follow.